Saturday, September 18, 2010

Funny Things...

Funny things happen around us all the time. Whether it's a someone getting their ass kicked, a goat being raped by a horse, a funny ass picture, or simply some random shit that makes you laugh so hard your balls fall off. Funny things exist to keep us entertained..... and this is why I've started this blog. I'll be posting up videos, pictures, jokes every day. Let's get started.... :)

This teacher means serious shit....

I love boobs =), do you? But why do women love to hide under all that clothing? This is the kind of shit keeping us from seeing the things we love most >=Z....

A sneak preview from next season's Amazing Race.

I'll end with a comic.



  1. that´s a great teacher... and I never understood why women hide their boobs or why it´s even some kind of forbidden... when women see a man´s trained upper body, it´s the same. Women also like this. unfair -_-

  2. great, this looks like fun stuff i can watch during work. subscribed!

  3. thats hilarious, subscribing to you too, look forward to seeing more in the future!